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I will start and say that all the phone Nos that you have on your web page are not working .

It makes contacting you in a timely manner impossible.

I sent numerous massages via Facebook, Instagram with no response for days .

After finally getting a correct phone No I did let you know that I am in hospital with my son that is in a coma and that I will like to cancel my trip . As you did not respond to all my early massages .

I did contact the airline and they did put my ticket on hold .

The airline did say that only you can refund me as you did take the payment from me.

They say that as it is a first bold connection and so a force majeure , by the IATA I am to expect a full 100% refund.

With the manner your company is handling my case and I am sure others cases too , I fail to see any add value to your company.

The price was the same as the airline .

The airline responded in minutes you never did.

The air line would have refunded me on the spot while you are telling me stories of 19 min vs 120 min ....

And if this is not enough the title of the mail you sent to me is : Pissed Customer ....???

How about good for nothing travel web based agency ....

I never wanted to use eDream , your system pulled my data as I was on the airline web page ...

If I will not get refunded with 100% of what I did pay 2 things will happen.


Me and the 70,000 colleagues of mine will never use you and make sure that all that we know will make sure no one will either .

2. I will sue your Company via IATA and and will place on your company all the legal and emotional cost .

Please do see that you get back to me in a timely manner .


User's recommendation: Make sure you place correct phone No’s.

Product or Service Mentioned: Edreams Flight Booking.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

eDreams Pros: No pros only cons.

eDreams Cons: No add value, Can not be contactedy.

Location: Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv

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