NEVER BOOK HERE Put me on hold for twenty minutes, didn't even try to help me. Told me they could not confirm my booking and never contacted me for more information. I even checked my spam folder like they tell you to and I only had TWO PROMOTIONAL emails there,...
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I didn't like
  • All of it
Absolutely do not use this company !!! They are thieves and you have to read every little dot in their contract. I bought tickets from Chiang Mai, Thailand to Bangkok. When I arrived at the counter I was charged $100 above the price they quoted. Calling their customer...
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Edreams - Horrific customer svc

My flight was changed! It is screwing my my connecting flight & hotel reservation i was NEVER notified these changes & when I call fir a refund total time on hold 1.5 hours 3 x I spoke with someone who after I was xplained the wholllle story transfers me to someone who acts as if they can’t hear me & hangs up teporting to bbb
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Edreams - Booking not confirmed and more money than expected took from paying card
I wrote one positive experience with edreams 2.5 years back. Now, i have almost the same problem, but i am writing here, because they costumer service contacted me when i post something here... Complete booking (STILL not confirmed) was 816 euro. They took, i don't...
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E Dream is very good in booking flights and charge your Creditcard.. - but if you have any problems - change flight or cancel, don't except to get any help! even when you made Premium Booking they will not answer your Mails -> special adress forPremium! The phone...
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Dear All, I am sending you this email with regards to a very disappointing experience we had with eDreams and is still open 1.5 year after the incident happened. Since March 2017 I am still waiting for an official email from eDreams on that and to get my money back. ....
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I didn't like
  • Fraud
  • Difficult cancellation process
  • Unprofessional
I had booked a flight yesterday and I needed to cancel the booking. I have tried to contact with you several several times but I cannot due to the difficulties in contact with you. I called you several times then I sent 2 emails (although there’s no contact with email...
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Flight Cancellation. Customer service is very poor, they don't want to listen to you. And it is very hard to understand they as well as their location is INDIA! If you are lucky they will transfer to their head office in Barcelona. Each agent is giving you different...
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I didn't like
  • Hidden fees
  • Steal money from you
  • Misleading
bought a ticket from vietnam to singapore and we wanted to add additional baggage. We called their customer service website and they told us that they could not do it and the only thing that we could do is to contact the company (which we could not contact by phone so...
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Contact Edreams

Mailing Address:
601 World Trade Center N, PL6
Barcelona, 08039
(844) 539-6719

Edreams - Price was crazy

I bok via e dream and it was about usd 60 more expensive than other webaite They say u can a refund if ubfind a chealer flight i call then n they say no.. and it seems tat e refund will be in a vouchrr Who wat a voucher when e 1st time u were alr over charge????