I booked spent time reading the fine print and all through out I got a message that I was being charged in my local currency even my booking confirmation stated that but 24 hours later I checked my bank and I had been charged $100 more than was on the booking only to be told I had booked on their US website which does not indicate anywhere or show the USD sign like their other sights. I spend so much time looking at all this detail and when I called the customer service I basically got told that was that and that's it no help and the person even put me on hold and kept asking me if she could help me with anything else.

I told her I did not want to cancel or change the dates just get a part refund on the fare showing on the my local Edreams website. I am furious. She just couldn't be bothered and to make it worse I have done her job before and know if you call within a specified time usually 24hrs a refund can be processed as long as I have extra funds to buy another ticket in the mean time.

Should have stuck to Jet abroad. Watch out for this !!!

Monetary Loss: $100.

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